9 Hacks to Speed Up Internet on Your Android Device

Having a high price Smartphone and slow internet can cause you to be frustrated. Almost everything in our Android phone is connected to the weband that we can’t do anything on a smartphone without a stable internet connection.
There is a bit of excellent news, and there’s nothing wrong together with your phone. There are some settings and tweaks and tricks that will speed up your android internet speed. Just follow the steps one by one, and you’ll notice a big change within the internet speed of your Android phone.

Contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP)

If your internet prolonged slow, and it had been an honest few days back, then there must be a drag with the web connection. And most of the time, the internet speed depends on your service provider because Android phones are designed and optimized for the best possible internet speed already.

Contact your ISP and ask them, what’s my internet speed. Also contact your family or friends, living within the same area, having an equivalent internet connection. If the web speed for all the people is sweet besides you, then there’s a drag together with your android phone. But don’t worry, we got your back. Bellow are effective methods to hurry up your android phone internet in no time.

Clear your Browser Cache

Androids with a limited or low RAM tend to urge slower when tons of cache memory stores within the RAM.

But you’ll instantly pack up the cache to urge back to average speed.

First of all clear the cache of the browser, you employ the foremost.

For Chrome

  1. Go to the menu by tapping the top right button, with three dots.
  2. Click on “history” in this menu.
  3. Within the History menu, you will see “Clear browsing data”. Tap on that.
  4. Now select “Cookies” and “Cached images”, click on “Clear Data”. Make sure you unselect “Browsing History”.
  5. Close all background apps and you will notice an instant boost in your internet speed.

Clearing the browser cache is enough except for better results, remove the phone cache too.

For clearing the phone cache, attend Settings and from settings navigate to Phone storage.

You will see the Clear cache button at the bottom. Tap that.

It will take a short timeand every remaining cache is going to be removed.

Use any Adblocker

Almost all the apps on your Android use ads to get revenue, and most of the advertisements are useful for us. But these ads utilize your internet all the time and thus this causes the less internet speed. Moreover, the ads in your internet browser can affect your internet experience a lot.

To get obviate these annoying ads, you’ll install a third-party Adblocker.

Adblocker blocks every element of these ads on every app available on your smartphone. Thus you’ll have a seamless experience with no interference.

The best ad blocker for Android is Adblocker plus. You can search and install that from the Google Play Store or manually from the internet.

Use any Cleaner App

Almost all the Androids with Android version above 8.0 have an inbuilt Cleaner app, and you’ll access that from Settings > Storage, but if you don’t have any Cleaner app in your Android, you’ll download one among the top-rated from Play store.

Clean Master and AVG Cleaner are the simplest within the market immediately.

Note: If you’ve got less RAM than 2 GB, then don’t use these cleaners, attempt to clean the cache and phone by yourself manually.

Uninstall All the Useless Apps

There must be some apps that you simply had used once, and now they’re sitting idle in your phone draining the battery and using your internet within the background.

So make an inventory of the apps and write of a notepad, the list of these apps on your Phone that are least useful, and you’ll easily spend your whole day without using them.

Believe me, there must be 2-3 apps on your phone that are useless for you.

To remove an application from your phone

  1. Go to your phone Settings.
  2. Navigate towards Apps Management.
  3. Choose the apps you want to remove.
  4. Before removing the apps, make sure to clear cache, and data for each app.
  5. Now uninstall by tapping Uninstall.

Change the Network to 3G only

There is a better chance that you simply may have a network issue. In certain areas, the connectivity of 3G or 4G signals is weak. in order that they may fluctuate between 3G, 2G, or 4G.

Thus you’ll not have a stable internet connection.

To stabilize your internet connection, force the network to 3G only.

This will disable the switching of the network between 2G, 3G, or 4G and the internet get stabilize.

And stabilize the connection gets the utmost internet speed and smooth experience.

Removal of Widgets

Widgets are cool and make your home screen really handy, but does one know they have a tendency to use the web within the background?

So you want to need to remove the widgets from your smartphone’s home screen.

You can use the app directly for up-to-date updates; widgets aren’t always necessary. Moreover, removing widgets will save tons of data and space for you.

Restart your Phone

Android phone is designed for the best possible experience, but bugs can’t be eliminated permanently.

If you are facing a slow speed for your internet connection, then there is a possible chance that you are not even connected to the internet. It is possible that the phone keeps showing the 3G or 4G sign with no internet connection available.

In that case, re-connectivity may be the solution.

Remove the battery of your phone if possible, and remove the SIM card.

Now insert your SIM back in and start your device.

Internet connectivity problem should be solved now.

Factory Reset the Phone

If none of these works from the above tweaks, then the last option left is Factory Reset of the Phone. This will clear all your device’s data and make everything default.

To reset your phone, you should backup your all data to some other device like Computer or laptop.

  • Backup your Contacts.
  • Backup your messages.
  • Backup the photos and videos.
  • Backup the required apps.

After an entire backup, go to Settings and look for Factory Reset.

Confirm and Reset your phone.


Internet should be fast, and slow internet is often really frustrating, especially once you do some critical work like YouTube video streaming or online gaming. The above methods will assist you to hurry up your android phone internet in only a couple of steps.

Let us know which hack worked for you and which one worked for you?

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