Best 5 Free Game Recording Software for Windows and macOS

Video Gaming has taken a substantial part of our lives. and lots of sorts of gaming evolved. From consoles to mobiles, we’ve come an extended way. While Console and Mobile Gaming are gaining popularity, PC Gaming remains a clear choice for several people. Gaming on PC also offers a good sort of options when it involves games. Most of the Games are compatible with consoles also are compatible with PCs too.

Game Recording Software for Windows PC and macOS

1. OBS (Open Broadcast Software) – Best Game Recording Software

It might take a while for you to line up OBS initially, but you’ll adapt thereto soon. It can record videos and save in both MP4 and FLV formats. As a result, GPU usage will rise; thus, we recommend you possess a far better GPU to handle both gaming and recording at an equivalent time. It comes embedded with many other features like Watermarks, Pushes to speak, Video-in-Video (best for streaming). If you’re trying to find the simplest game recording software, OBS is that the answer.

2. Streamlabs OBS

3. Nvidia GeForce Experience

Most of the Gamers choose Nvidia’s GPU over AMD or Intel. In such a case, Nvidia prompts you to put in the GeForce Experience. With GeForce, you get to use some amazing features like FreeStyle Filter. additionally, to such features, you’ll find ShadowPlay that permits you to record your gameplay clips easily. you’ll also be able to use the ShadowPlay feature to stream games to YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, and any social media you wish.

ShadowPlay uses GPU’s power, rather than the CPU’s power, to encode the video. As a result, the CPU will eat up less power. The simplest part about ShadowPlay is its capability to record videos in 4K at 60fps. There’s another feature to stay you attached, and it’s called Instant Replay. just in case you die during a game, this feature will let show you the rationale for death. If you’ve got an Nvidia GPU, look nowhere else, and choose the GeForce Experience. it’s the simplest game recording software for Nvidia GPUs.

4. AMD Radeon ReLive

If we talked about Nvidia, it’s time to speak about AMD also. As you saw Nvidia came up with their recording software to cope up with its GPU’s power and performance, AMD didn’t take the loss here. Instead, they’ve come up with their recording software also, dubbed Radeon ReLive. almost like that of Nvidia’s game recorder, AMD utilizes the GPUs power to form the CPU as power-efficient as possible.

5. LoiLo Game Recorder

LoiLo Game Recorder is another free game recorder to record your stunning gameplay. It isn’t as popular because of the game recording Softwares mentioned above but maybe a good one. It uses the Motion-JPEG (MPJEG) format technology to record better-looking and smooth gameplay at the minimum file size. Although the software uses the MJPEG format, it’s limited to 1080p only. Furthermore, the minimum system requirements to use this software are very less. That creates one of the simplest game recording Softwares out there.

The performance loss when recording a Gameplay is sort of minimal compared to the competitors due to its low requirements. you’ll also stream to YouTube using this recorder, but other streaming services aren’t supported yet. It’s completely liberal to use, and thus comes with support for limited games only. that’s the most important flaw you’ll find during this screen recorder. If you’ve got a low-end PC, you ought to accompany LoiLo Game Recorder if the support list includes your game.


These were a number of the simplest game recorders that we found to catch up on your requirements. All of them mentioned above are very well-suited and best for recording your gameplay. Most of them are easy to use, but a number of them are best for those that want to stream more often. All best game recording Softwares involve learning curves, and thus you would possibly take time to urge wont to them. Furthermore, you’ll also record various other tasks like tutorials or presentations to urge the foremost out of them. We are sure that these best game recording Softwares will assist you in every possible way.

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